Save the Date! concept art

Save the Date! Concepts

Today I am sharing an overview on the what and how of Save the Date!

What is Save the Date! ?

Save the Date! is a customizable gaming invitation designed to bring people together in a new way. Currently under development, Save the Date! is our first gaming experience and we will initially offer a wedding invitation game where guests can play as either half of the wedding couple to fight the monster, rescue their partner, and Save the (Wedding) Date!

How do you customize the game?

The game is customizable for each event so that a couple can create a completely unique game for a one of a kind wedding.

Save the Date! wizard concept art Step 1: The couple starts by going through a wizard to choose options like what their characters looks like and who their enemies are.

Save the Date! prototype trial concept art Step 2: The game is then published as a prototype for the couple to interact with and iterate on.⠀

Save the Date! guest list concept art Step 3: After they’re satisfied, they can enter their guest list on the site and the game will be sent to their guests.⠀

Save the Date! RSVP management concept art Step 4: Once the users RSVP, the couple can come back to the site to see their responses.

How do guests interact with the game?

Traditional save-the-dates and invitations are often looked at and quickly discarded or forgotten until your wedding day. With Save the Date!, your guests will get the opportunity to engage with your invitation on a more interactive and personal level.

Save the Date! guest text concept art Step 1: The guest will receive a text or email to install the game.

Save the Date! playing game concept art Step 2: They can play the game and unlock the event information.

Save the Date! guest competition concept art Step 3: The user can respond to the invitation in game and see other users’ progress.⠀

Save the Date! follow up email concept art Step 4: Guests who have not unlocked the level by a certain date will have the information released to them.⠀

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