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Save the Date! Progress Update

Here's a little peak at what we've been working on. As we're adding to the game quickly, some of the art and interaction has already been updated, but this video gives you an idea of the overall game interaction and goals. Enjoy!

How Save the Date! Works

I recently worked with artist Madalena Soares Carneiro who created a beautiful infographic for us. It details how couples create their Save the Date! game and share it with their guests. It's a much more polished version of the explanation you saw in our earlier post.

Infographic explaining the process of Save the Date! Couples customize the game, test out their prototype, send their final version to their guests, and then their guests can play the game and RSVP. Guests who don't play the game by the time other players unlock the information will receive that information in an email or text.

Katie playing Save the Date! at iFest and finding herself in the game.!

Demoing Everywhere!

It's been a while since I've posted an update, and that's because I have been so busy working on the game and getting feedback at various events. Since my last post, I have brought on an artist, demoed Save the Date! at Seattle iFest 2019, and pitched Save the Date! at The Big Indie Pitch Seattle. It's been a whirlwind and we have three more events on the schedule already! In addition, I'm working on getting our Kickstarter put together so we can launch in June, so more on that soon!

Meet the Artist: Luiza Coronato

Luiza Coronato

In April, Luiza started as the artist for Save the Date! She is a Brazil-based 2D artist with a heart-warming style and an appreciation for good puns. I am so excited with the direction the art for the game is going and I can't wait for everyone to see the first area come together! You can check out her work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here is some of her past work:

Art by Luiza Coronato

Art by Luiza Coronato

Art by Luiza Coronato

Upcoming events

Want to come try Save the Date! in person? Check us out at one of these events:

Quick recap of Seattle iFest 2019

On May 4, AIE filled the Seattle Center Armory with indie games both digital and table top. Passionate gamers, March of Dimes walkers, and Taco Truck Challenge tasters all stopped by to see what was new and try out the games.

This was the first time Save the Date! was shared with the public and the interest and excitement we got was so much more than we could have ever expected. It was great to see so many people play and love our pre-alpha demo and even better to get so much feedback that we can use going forward!

Here are some of the first players of Save the Date!

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

The show T-Rex with our cookie jar giveaway T-Rex (Tyra) at iFest 2019

One of our players winning our cookie jar giveaway at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Players trying the game for the first time at iFest 2019

Learnings from PG Connects and The Big Indie Pitch Seattle

PG Connects and PC Connects came to Seattle last week for an exciting two days of talks, demos, networking, and pitching. This was a great opportunity to get feedback from members of the industry, so we showed the game at The Big Indie Pitch and The PC Indie Pitch.

While our game is still pre-alpha, and therefore very rough around the edges, we were able to get a lot of good feedback from the judges and ideas of areas to improve. In addition, the conference was a great opportunity to meet other indies in the area and learn about their journeys. All in all, the conference was a success for Tough Cookie Games and Save the Date!

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Save the Date! concept art

Save the Date! Concepts

Today I am sharing an overview on the what and how of Save the Date!

What is Save the Date! ?

Save the Date! is a customizable gaming invitation designed to bring people together in a new way. Currently under development, Save the Date! is our first gaming experience and we will initially offer a wedding invitation game where guests can play as either half of the wedding couple to fight the monster, rescue their partner, and Save the (Wedding) Date!

How do you customize the game?

The game is customizable for each event so that a couple can create a completely unique game for a one of a kind wedding.

Save the Date! wizard concept art Step 1: The couple starts by going through a wizard to choose options like what their characters looks like and who their enemies are.

Save the Date! prototype trial concept art Step 2: The game is then published as a prototype for the couple to interact with and iterate on.⠀

Save the Date! guest list concept art Step 3: After they’re satisfied, they can enter their guest list on the site and the game will be sent to their guests.⠀

Save the Date! RSVP management concept art Step 4: Once the users RSVP, the couple can come back to the site to see their responses.

How do guests interact with the game?

Traditional save-the-dates and invitations are often looked at and quickly discarded or forgotten until your wedding day. With Save the Date!, your guests will get the opportunity to engage with your invitation on a more interactive and personal level.

Save the Date! guest text concept art Step 1: The guest will receive a text or email to install the game.

Save the Date! playing game concept art Step 2: They can play the game and unlock the event information.

Save the Date! guest competition concept art Step 3: The user can respond to the invitation in game and see other users’ progress.⠀

Save the Date! follow up email concept art Step 4: Guests who have not unlocked the level by a certain date will have the information released to them.⠀

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Today is the launch of the website and the blog! I am so excited to share with you the Tough Cookie GamesTM journey and the development of our first game, Save the Date! In the coming weeks, I will be posting updates about the game, announcements about upcoming opportunities, and some behind-the-scenes sneak peaks! So stay tuned and follow us on Facebook or Instagram or sign up for our newsletter!